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'Jesus faked his Crucifixion' says Rush Limbaugh

limbaugh.jpg 'Those aren't real nails' says fat, odious foul-mouthed, fear-mongering, low-life, drug-addicted scumbag.

Right-wing American shock-jock Rush Limbaugh took time out from his busy schedule of sacrificing chickens and small children to the Dark Lord of Hades, whoring for the Republican party and desperately trying to hide the fact that he is, in fact, everything he professes to hate this morning, to cast doubt on the authenticity of Jesus' crucifixion.

'I don't buy it for a second', spluttered Limbaugh, whilst masturbating furiously over a computer generated picture of George W. Bush in fish-nets and high-heels. 'He's wriggling around on that cross like a spastic worm, arms flapping all over the place. He's faking it. Faking it! He's a professional liar! Those wounds on his hands? Ketchup! Nails through the feet? Bought them in a joke shop! Crown of thorns? Crown of cotton wool more like. Spear through the side? Barely tickled him, the con-artist. And I ain't the only one that says so either.


Ahh, but going into the Blather Archives:


Hollywood — Rush Limbaugh has accused Christopher Reeve of exaggerating his paralysis and death in recent TV ads for Democratic candidates who support stem cell research. “These Hollywood liberals will go to any length — even rolling around in a wheel chair they don’t need and faking their death — to get Democrats elected,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday.

The accusation comes soon after Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson’s disease in political ads as a ploy to get votes for Ben Cardin, a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.

“Keep in mind that Christopher Reeve attended the famous Juilliard School of Performing Arts,” Limbaugh noted. “He’s an actor, folks, and his behavior is really shameless.”

According to medical records, personal testimonials, family, and friends, Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down when he was thrown from a horse back in 1995. The former “Superman” star reportedly died last October at the age of 52. According to sources close to Democratic Senate candidates such as Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Bob Casey (Pennsylvania), and Jim Pederson (Arizona), Reeve’s estate — run by his brother after his wife reportedly died last year — gave permission to the campaigns to use footage of him.

Embryonic stem cells are the precursor cells to almost every tissue in the body. Advocates of their use in research say they hold more potential to cure spinal cord injuries, diabetes and other diseases than adult stem cells. Opponents say the research with embryonic cells, which destroys the embryos, amounts to murder.

“How would you like it if Christopher Reeve showed up at your home and walked in – yes, I said walked in using his two functioning legs — to take your baby away and kill him for the stem cells?” warned Limbaugh.

“It’s not only Christopher ‘Exaggerator’ Reeve and Michael J. ‘Faker’ who are trying to fool the American voting public,” he added. “Christopher Reeve’s wife is also guilty of being a big faker. She wants us to believe that she died of lung cancer, but loyal ditto-heads already know that lung cancer is another conspiracy dreamed up by liberals out to destroy tobacco companies.”

Limbaugh has not apologized for his remarks about Christopher and Dana Reeve and maintains that he has been completely honest.

“If I wasn’t telling the truth about the Reeves, they would have responded to my comments,” he told Dateline Hollywood. “I haven’t heard one word from Christopher or Dana Reeve. Case closed.”


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In fact, going to Blather anytime is worth it.


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