Here it comes again -- another oo-ee-oo oooga-booga from the White House

How blatant are they Johnny?

Well, when they whip up a great big "let's hate the ______________ "(fill in the blank) they really whip it good ...

Getting it lately?

"The attack in Kamala MAY HAVE BEEN planned by Iran."

It's only the real military talking heads who say -- just the first day anyway -- "we don't have any actual evidence Iran was involved but..."

But you can trust the rabid slaveys on Fox News and CNN to ignore that and go on to hour after hour of "IF Iran is involved..." and do a poll with their viewers asking "What should we do if Iran planned the attack on the 4 American soldiers?" because people don't tune in to hear someone say "Nothing really there."

Hey -- sorry that 4 soldiers got killed, but weren't they trying to do the same thing to those other guys? Win some lose some.

If only they could connect Scott Peterson to the Iranians, and convince the public that Charlie Manson's mom was a Persian woman named Bundabundajhade before she changed it... and Charlie is an Iranian and is communicating with Tehran...

oh shit -- have I just given Karl Rove an idea?


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