I don't get it

These guys (State Department, NSA, etc) are supposed to be smart, and God knows they sure know how to remember their lines, so --

Do they think it's clever to circumvent, obfuscate, dance and change the topic, i.e., say anything except actually answer a question?

(Saw James Hadley pretending to answer questions Tim Russert didn't ask this morning. Actually there were NO possible questions his statements could have answered other than what did the president say, and possibly not even that.)

More to the point, do they think we don't notice that they avoided answering a question?

"What if this fails?"
"The president said we're staying as long as it takes. Now he says it's NOT open-ended. Which is it?"


And do they not understand that, aside from the "hard-core" and the "loyal" (i.e., people suffering from echolalia who will tell you "This -- is -- a- battle -- between -- the -- forces -- of -- freedomandemocracy -- and -- hatredandterror,") the rest of us, at home, listening, just say "Well, obviously the sonofabitch is covering something up so fuck him."

(Or more politely, "Gee, their diffusive answers cause us to lose confidence in their wisdom and candor.")

Personally, given that so much of OUR lives (not just the tarnished reputations of some high-horse assholes like Rice and Hadley and Bush and Cheney, et al) are at stake, I prefer "Fuck 'em -- they're lying sonsofbitches -- can't believe a word they say."

When I was a kid, people used to joke about the radicals of the 30's, and jokingly throw around lines like "Let's hang 'em all from the lampposts." (Usually referred to as "plutocrats." As kids we thought it was funny since we thought it maybe referred to people who really liked Mickey's dog.)

Unfortunately, since the 2001 Revocation of Free Speech Act, we can't make that sort of joke anymore. Too bad. That sort of thing used to make us feel better and was better for the muckety-mucks, too, since it relieved our tension and lessened our anger.


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