Something to do

It is crucial that each and every one of us -- not just vicious offensive overbearing assholes like George Bush and Dick Cheney and Donald Trump and the Limey prick on American Idol or Bill O'Reilly or Nancy Grace or Glen Beck or Iranian Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Valerie Putin or the local Trotskyite or -- actually -- anyone in a national or state legislature --- not just those ones we can all single out as assholes, but you and me and ALL AND EACH OF US.

Whenever we may notice that there are some or a lot of people who mildly dislike us, or seriously despise us, or hate us with blood in their eyes and murder in their hearts --- take a long look in the mirror and ask:

"Is it me? Is it what I'm doing? Did I make this happen?

Am I hurting people? Am I treating people like homemade crap?

Am I ripping people off? What?

What do those people see when they look at me?"

And -- just between you and yourself and no one else -- answer the questions honestly.

It can be interesting.


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