...And the Maginot Line Award goes to:

RONALD REAGAN -- the bobble-headed president who put unarmed Marines in harm's way in Beirut, and when they were blown to hell by a truck bomb on October 23, 1983 -- 241 American servicemen dead: 220 Marines, 18 Navy personnel and 3 Army soldiers -- what did Mr. I'm Strong, I'm a Hero, I'm God's Chosen Tough Guy do?

RONNIE just turned us around and ran for the hills ...

Maybe he was right to leave, but -- in current terms, about iraq -- maybe pointing bribe-stained fingers at people who think getting out of a trap might not be the best idea.

It's an old cliche -- but then cliches are such because people recognize some truth in them** --

"When you point a finger at me -- there are three fingers pointing back at you."


** Except for "The exception that proves the rule." Huh? Makes no sense at all. And it shouldn't. When you have a theory and you think there might be an actual rule involved, the scientific method was to test it... AND, SO, the actual original uncorrupted cliche was:

"The exception that PROOFS the rule."

In other words, you TEST the rule by seeing if there is any exception to it and if there is an exception, it means the rule is crap, invalid, doesn't work.

It's a sign of social brain damage that people actually insist on the nonsense statement being proof that an exception tells us the rule is valid.



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