Debra Saunders -- knee-jerk right reaction as usual

JOINT CHIEFS of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace ... "homosexual acts between individuals are immoral." ... critics branding Pace as a bigot, and demanding an apology.

Stop the presses: Someone in the military has issues with homosexuality. Is this a big story?

Some Americans think homosexuality is a sin. Who knew? They even dare say as much in public. Apparently, American media believe something must be done about that. We can't have people expressing their religious beliefs in public, now can we?"

God Ms Saunders, you sure do roll over for the Republicans when you'd be ripping flesh if a Democrat did something equally illegal ---

There is a point, and it's not freedom of expression. A general officer is prohibited by law from making public political and religious pronouncements. General Potted Plant is not allowed to criticize the Commander-in-Chief (not that he would).

We do NOT pay him to make moral and religious pronouncements.

If it's legal for him to do so when we're paying him to adhere to the UCMJ, then it should be equally proper to okay Mayor Guiliani's absolute insistence (from a few years back) that there be public financing of abortion.

I don't want to hear Tom Cruise or John Travolta's opinion of Anna Nicole Smith or Post-partum depression. Nothing I can do about that except avoid the journalists who love that stuff.

But as a taxpayer, I CAN object to the Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff parroting his immature and inappropriate spouting of religious and immature phobic attitude about someone else's morals.

We pay him to kill people -- and HE'S UPSET ABOUT GAY PEOPLE and WHAT THEY MIGHT DO?

There's a very unpleasant side to what happens when military people declare an "us-and-them" situation, when they stand up like clowns and say "We're good and they're evil." It's damn near a license to kill.

Maybe that old thing about a rifle being a substitute penis is true, for all I always thought it crap.

We don't make fun of him dressing up like the missing member of The VIllage People with all his bright colorful bling on his costume, so who the hell does he think he is except some Bozo Lifer who sucked up enough to get promoted away from his total failure as a General Officer in Iraq.

He broke military law with that statement and should be court-martialled for sedition, regardless of whether anyone agrees with his statement or not.


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