Just in case some people don't actually KNOW any Hispanic (Latin American, Chicano, etc) people

Just want to make it clear -- A.G. Gonzales is not typical -- very few Latin American men will wee-wee on themselves in submission to a rich kid punk in temporary power, humiliate themselves and forever condemn their own reputations to being punked second-raters willing to sell out whatever principles they might have claimed in order to go along to get along.

Most of the Latin American men I have known have some solid sense of propriety, integrity, and self-respect.

But then, you have to figure ANYONE willing to join this Bush-wah band of second-rate, immature, greed-and-fear driven criminals wouldn't have much to begin with, regardless of how well they'd fooled the people watching them up to that time.

Here's the acid test: If AG Gonzales (and any of the rest) had ANY integrity and self-respect at all, he'd be willing to resign (even in disgrace) for having violated the most basic requirement of his oath (or oaf, as the typo wants me to have it), i.e., that he was assuming control of the JUSTICE Department.

JUSTICE? Get it? Blind, even-handed, and not easily bought with a cranky phone call from some closet-case in the White House.



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