Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Peter Pace, says homosexuality is immoral and should be prosecuted

Peter Pace -- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff --has declared that homosexuality is immoral and should be prosecuted**

Hey, General Pace -- we pay you to kill people AND THAT'S ALL -- we can make our own conclusions and handle our own opinions about who and what is moral.

We don't give you a hard time about how you dress up in little outfits like some 6 year old kid or the missing guy from the Village people and pin brightly colored bling on your chest, representing the honors you and the other officers give to each other.

I'm not even going to debate whether you're right or wrong -- because you are completely full of shit from word one insofar as you are and have been, all your adult career, on the public tit, taking every cent you've ever made from our taxes (or from insider info someone told you), and getting that money ONLY because you're supposed to be good at killing people, ONLY because you're supposed to be able to make strategic decisions and win wars -- and we have only to look at Iraq today to know how second-rate*** you are at that.

We do not pay you to tell us who qualifies for equal protection of the law.

We pay you to do the job and that job is to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and if you can't do that, then just resign and spend the rest of your life drawing a huge pension (that we pay for) and drinking good scotch with your pals and muttering about welfare cheats and homos.

You want to talk morality?

How about you and your Yamashita-esque troops who have been instrumental in the deaths of nearly 3/4 of a million civilians who never did nothing to us but suffer the terrors the monster that USA's Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Nixon, et al installed to torture and murder them.

You got pulled out of Iraq for being a total fuckup, and were promoted because Monkey Boy and his pals couldn't admit it. And they finally put in someone who knows a little bit about this kind of warfare -- General Petraeus -- someone whose advice you and Monkey Boy refused to hear for years, and someone who is a lot more than the puppet/potted plant you were, who stood beside the prez and smiled and nodded.

I would ask what is your problem, but I really don't want to know.

Just mind your own fucking business -- and commenting on ANYTHING immoral is seriously inappropriate for a man who has made a career out of killing whatever people who are standing in the direction some politician points you.

You weren't very good as a guard dog.

Even worse now that you've become a mad dog and decided you have a right to choose who gets bitten and who doesn't.

That kind of dog gets put down.


**Peter Pace? Talk about a gay porn alias joke name:

The wiser calmer, older gay man counseling the producer of all the Law & Order franchises, whose name -- Dick Wolf -- always sounds to me like a porn alias for an extremely aggressive, orally-fixated, gluttonous suckoff queen -- "Hey, Wolfie -- take it easy, take it slow, learn to develop a Peter Pace."

And the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

There was an old joke, during the Vietnam era, something about the military is like a joint -- the more you suck, the higher you get. And wow -- you're the Chairman of the Joint. Hmmm

*** My friend Richard takes exception to my ranking of General Pace so high as second-rate, saying:

"Second-rate? Second-rate? Compared to our incredible botch in Iraq, General Peter Pace compared to an actual second-rater would be about on a par with Private Doberman from the old (and brilliant) Phil Silvers show compared to Herr von Clausewitz."

I stand corrected.



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