Who says true folksinging is dead -- here's a song from the 21st century

The wonderful Patty Griffin wrote and sang it (On The Impossible Dream CD)


To the end of the earth
I search for your face
For the one who laid
all our beauty to waste
Threw our hope into hell
and our children to the fire
I am the one who crawled through the wire

There's a million sad stories
on the side of the road
strange how we all
got used to the blood
Millions of stories
that will never be told
silent and froze in the mud

I know a cold as cold as it gets
I know a darkness
that's darker than coal
A wind that blows
as cold as it gets
Blew out the light of my soul

I dream in my sleep
I dream in my days
Of some sunny street
not so far away
where up in a window
a curtain will sway
And you and I'll meet down below
You and I''ll meet down below

I know a cold as cold as it gets
I fight a war I may never see won
I live only to see you live to regret
Everything that you've done.*

The eternal nitpicking editor only regrets Ms Griffin using the word "live" twice in the third line of the final quatrain and is presumtuous enough to suggest one way to rewrite it might be "I live only to see you FINALLY regret")

and here I am, nit-picking one of the greats.

She's as dark as Dick Farina, and as bright as Bonnie Raitt.


*Copyright 2004 Almo Music Corp./One Big Love Music (ASCAP)



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