Bush Renews Veto Threat on Iraq Bills

WASHINGTON -- President Bush on Tuesday called Democrats in Congress irresponsible for approving war bills that order U.S. troops to leave Iraq by certain dates. He said such efforts will backfire, keeping some troops in battle even longer.

Of course that would only happen if the President were a petulant spoiled brat who will punish the troops to get even with the people who wouldn't let him have his way.

Sure seems like a Mommy thing, doesn't it -- that those... those ... WOMEN are denying him the right to be the Little Prince which makes it worse ... his own Mommies -- Condoleeza and Karen and the rest were supposed to protect him.

That evil Nancy Pelosi is just going ahead and making peace without his approval.

That terrible Barbara Boxer actually has the TEMERITY to act as if she's a real Senator and demand that the White House appointees, the Shadow Players at the White House show up and actually have to swear to tell the truth. What arrogance, to act as if she was elected to do that.

We're not talking politics -- where this White House is concerned, we're talking Krafft-Ebbing.


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