Check out Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is the nom de flame of one of the people who posts on Reconstitution

A person who OBVIOUSLY has a stronger stomach than I do, meaning he is able to listen to, watch, study, and analyze various political doings without actually throwing up long enough to really get to the root of things and make some enlightening comments.

I generally get the dizziness and nausea after just a few minutes listening to people like the president he so affectionately calls "Chimpy," which is why I try to be amusing, since I tend to be more superficial. (He's quite amusing, too, but as I said, actually good and perceptive and relevant, too. A tup of my hat, a salute, and a nod to one who does it somewhat better than most.)

Besides, Jolly Roger may be one of the few people on the planet who brought up Howard Unruh this week, the mass murderer who set the standard back inthe 50's in a drugstore in Camden, New Jersey, holding shoppers and staff hostage and shooting them. (One very sharp reporter decided to call the store's phone number, and Unruh answered. The reporter asked "Why are you doing this?" and Unruh told him, "I can't talk now -- I'm busy.")**

Check him out.

Oh, one more important quality identifying excellence -- he reads and likes to comment on this blog. Obviously a person of great refined tastes.

**I had some of the Howard Unruh facts wrong -- he DID go into a drug store and etc... but the phone call came to him after he was home in his apartment, firing out the window. All these runamok gunmen just blend together. He was a war hero, killed a lot of Germans. Then he killed a lot of New Jerseyans.


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