Rush Limbaugh and the Waste of Human protoplasm

Rush Limbaugh played a video in which some white guy, impersonating Al Sharpton, sings how Barack Obama is "the magic negro" because he "isn't black like me."

And Storm Bear as a Guest Blogger on Alternet , on loan from Daily Kos where he is much-enjoyed asks: "How is this possible?"

Well, duhhh ...

Someone told me, long long ago, "Oh listen to this guy, Limbaugh. He's something, very funny."

And I turned on the radio and ... this will tell you how long ago it was... he was mocking Chelsea Clinton, saying she was ugly and had bad hair and a lumpy body.

And I said, as I changed the station:

"Anyone who would try to humiliate a 13-year old girl on a national radio hookup is a talking piece of shit."

I didn't find him funny.

I still don't.

The idea of a vicious sexist, racist, rich white smug self-satisfied drug addict insulting vulnerable people for the benefit of morons (and also for some people I know who I know are smarter than I am so perhaps I'm missing something, in which case, I can cheer my ignorance for sparing me that particular form of ear pollution) -- he's a sort of craven, vicious, unfunny version of Andrew Dice Clay, but without the balls to stand up in a theater in front of a live crowd, more like Pat Robertson without the religion.

So, to Storm Bear, whom I usually enjoy, I answer your question (rhetorical though it may have been) -- it's possible because he hasn't let fame change him:

He's STILL a talking piece of shit.

(And if I were a believer, I think I would believe the only reason God allows a waste of human protoplasm like that to live is to provide some nicely marbled meat for the people who are starving after the honeybees are gone.)


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