I guess if something Bush says can still get me upset, I still have ... what? My soul? My innocence? Or just my contempt for this creature?

He said it today when he vetoed the Stem Cell Research bill congress passed and sent to him:

"Taking human life to save human life is unethical."

But it's okay to take human life to enrich Halliburton and the diseased undead creature you call your vice president?

It's okay to take human life to establish Bush Family hegemony in an oil-rich Arab state?

It's okay to take human life to pretend you're protecting America when all you're doing is protecting your father's bribe-accepting* from seeing daylight?

It's too tactful to call that sanctimonious sonofabitch "Monkey Boy."

But words almost fail me -- that hypocritical signifying creature from the pit Monkey Boy, a creature who attempts to look like something that walks like an actual human, but can only prance slightly off balance as if there were hoofs inside those cowboy boots rather than human feet.

He stands there smug as a moron, telling millions of disease sufferers -- diabetics, Parkinsonians, spinal cord injured and paralyzed -- "Tough shit -- those little blobs of protoplasm are worth more to me than you and all your suffering. And besides -- we'll never let America provide health care for you that would enable you to use the discoveries anyway."

He's not only the worst president in our history, vis a vis policies, he's also the most corrupt, vicious, stupid, conscienceless, self-serving piece of detritus to occupy that oval office.

If he had any sense of decency or honor at all, he'd ... well who cares? He doesn't. He's the exemplification of what is meant by "Scum of the Earth."


*Five Billion Dollars from Saddam Hussein via BCCI.


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