People keep asking those of us who aren't in thrall to Bush or his friends: "What do you want?"

Hmmm, I say, well... let me think about it.

And I have thunk.

I want to see him cry, to see him get down on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness for having caused the pain and maiming and deaths of so many people because he was play-acting as president, and didn't have a clue so he accepted the instruction of certifiable sociopaths like Dick Cheney and Karl Roverer -- two craven monsters who hid away in the shadows until very recently when, in an orgiastic frenzy, they emerged blinking in the light into the public do their celebratory totentanzen.

I want to see him crawl and beg.

I want to see him walk naked through Baghdad with an interpreter telling all and any that he is George Bush and whatever they want to do to him he deserves.

I want to see him crawl at Cindy Sheehan's feet and beg her forgiveness.\

Something about being Christian, hmm?

And... well, that would be a good start.

Well, people asked and I never had a really clear answer before.


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