Unfair to compare GW Bush to Hitler, except in one aspect...

First of all, the little rich kid hasn't got the balls Adolf did -- as soulless monsters go, Monkey Boy is no more than Second String J.V. If 43's Daddy hadn't convinced his pals to pay for Junior's presidency, no one in his right mind would have fronted the little shit the price of a drink.

But insofar as it looks like Monkey Boy will leave the country in about the same shape as Hitler left Germany, yeah, that's a possible comparison.

Because he doesn't care about anyone he doesn't know. His immigration bill is designed to let the River Oaks crowd continue to have illegals works like slaves who can't protest anything.

And he's certainly not going to let his butt-buddy Albert take it in the ass from anyone but him. No Democrats need apply. Another dissimilarity -- Hitler had all his old Freikorps Gay Blades killed in the nights of the long knives. No one left from the locker room to embarrass him.

Bushie ain't no Hitler -- hell, he isn't even a second-rate tired old patrician wannabe like his dad. He's just a punkass rich kid with a new toy -- and he broke it.


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