So I get it now, the longe-range Bush plan is this:

He and his Secty of State and all his smiling sociopaths still seem to be stuck in the Cold War Era (talk about not having post 9-11 perception!) and haven't got a clue as to how to deal with people who just flat-out resent the USA presence in their countries. (Condoleeza Rice spent her entire pre-Monkey Boy career becoming an expert on Cold War Russia.)

These people attacked the World Trade Center TWICE because of Poppy Bush's military base in Saudi Arabia, which base on "sacred soil" offended Osama ben Ladn's fundamentalist sensibilities, and which long-desired base Poppy got by faking out Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait ("We have no interest in Arab - Arab conflicts" April Glaspie speaking to Saddam Hussein as envoy from Poppy Bush)and then convincing the Big Boss Man that Iraq was intending to continue on and invade Arabia.

So the big plan is this, OBVIOUSLY:

Get Valerie Putin pissed off enough to REVIVE the COLD WAR!!

What genius!

What brilliance!

We have all these missiles and all this old agitprop fear-mongering stuff just lying around gathering dust -- time to revive Duck and Cover!

Wow -- thinking that far outside the box!

(So far outside the box you might think they ride to work in a short yellow bus.)

Well at least you can't call ANY OF THEM "Evil GENIUSES."


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