Another imaginary issue to keep us from dealing with real problems -- immigration

First of all, a border is just an arbitrary line drawn to say "This is ours and that is yours."

(Except when we, the USA-ians, say "But we also want THAT, so back up." And then 100+ years later, we say "How DARE you cross that line we drew after we stole that land from you!?!")

In this case, the Native Americans who live/lived south of where today's line is for-- oh, the last 5 - 10 - 15,000 years or so, have wandered over to OUR SIDE of the line ("MOM!! HE'S ON MY SIDE!!! MAKE HIM STOP!!!)

Here are some actual constructive suggestions

1. Erase the line. Create the UNA (Union of North America) (or call it what you will -- there's already an Organization of American States)* as the Europeans did with the EU. Canada, USA, Mexico, and perhaps also whichever Meso-Americans (AMERICANS!) want in -- Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama.

The Europeans (AND the English) have been having monstrous blood feuds a lot longer than we have -- and a lot more recently. (Do you think it was easy for the French and the Dutch and the Belgians and the Danes to join together with Germany in one big happy family?)

2. Learn Spanish.
Alternatively, in many urban areas, learn Mandarin aka Putong Hua -- ("Ni Hao, Bubba, Ni Hao")

3. This will have several benefits, two of which come to mind immediately.

One: you will understand what your neighbors are saying while they assume that you No comprende. And while they're laughing at you (as your English-speaking neighbors should be doing anyway because you're such an asshole) you can smile and say: "Chingas su madre. (And then run.)
Two: Lots of non-competitive employment for Spanish-speaking people -- teaching Spanish to us gringos. (What do all Spanish-speaking people have in common? THEY ALL SPEAK SPANISH! Even the little kids can speak Spanish. Get it?)
My guess? If you offer to pay someone just a tad more (or even the same) as the slave wages he or she makes for back-breaking work, if you and your friends each offer to pay the same amount to sit in your living room and talk with you and your friends until you comprende, you might get some happy takers. (And wouldn't be taking jobs away from USA-ians.)

3. Tar and feather and horse-whip any assholes in local, state, or national legislative or executive bodies for being such dopes and wasting our time, playing the oldest most tired game in the word -- pointing their fingers at some people who can't defend themselves and screaming "THEY'RE ENEMIES!" Setting one group of people against another through fear and hate, calling them our enemies

But in fact, the people who maintain their cushy spots at the public tit are our enemies. Or as the soldiers of the Vietnam era said "I know who put me here so these guys -- who LIVE here -- could shoot me." Added to that, the black soldiers said "No Vietcong ever called me nigger."

Let's get real. The only borders that exist in the real physical world are those bookstores that carry that name, and judging from their partially empty shelves, they'll disappear before long.

*The OAS also includes the countries of South America


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