The danger of pushing hard on Bush on Cheney

...although ANY disagreement with their fantasies seems to be, in their view, too hard, waaay too hard.

Back to the topic:

-- you've got Bush and Cheney, a duo we've all seen in playgrounds and bars

-- the spoiled brat rich kid who believes anything he does is fine as long as mommy says it's ok (and who has hired a flock of surrogate mommies, yes-women, who do exactly that).

And then you have Cheney, the spoiled brat rich kid's bodyguard and supposed pal, who pretends to like him, disses him mercilessly in private, treats him like home-made shit, and uses the dumb rich kid for his own power.

(After all, if you're the one who kicks the other kids' asses in the playground, then who REALLY has the power? If the rich kid is paying for all of YOUR candy, then who's got the upper hand?)

And the Rich Kid pays him off because he's really scared, because he knows he never got the riches by himself and can't protect himself from someone taking them away from him -- same thing ALL rich people fear -- the gardeners and garbagemen coming up the hill and crapping on their carpets.

They rarely think about what happens if and when their bodyguards turn on them.

So when you push the Rich Kid and his Muscle too hard (like shouting "BOO!" at them), they go nuts. They get violent. Their thin-ice power pose is threatened and the idea of having to pull their own weight is terrifying.

And Karl Roverer?

Oh he's the kid the Rich Kid pays off with Ice Cream Sundaes to do his homework for him.

All the same boring, tired, old games that second-rate people always play.

(Just look at the second-raters who stand up for them -- Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams, the Beltway Boys (talk about giggling in the corner of the locker room et al -- some truly vicious, like Abrams, but all second-rate.)

And they all jock-sniff the actual tough guys like Richard Armitage -- a man who actually did combat tours in Vietnam (3 of them), was a Navy Seal, and -- whether he denies it or not, the rumor itself is enough for these guys to bend over for him -- Phoenix Program button man.

They all giggled like some 50's stereotype of little girls (although all the little girls I've met seem to be smarter and tougher than any of them) when he came into the State Department, worshipping his ACTUAL power.

And he was tough and confident of himself and supportive to others and a straight-talking stand-up guy -- a true warrior -- and whether or not you despised what he had done, you can't help liking him -- always a giveaway that the guy is the real thing -- unlike all the poseurs who flutter around him like little moths.

The point being, when the toughness is a carefully polished veneer, a panoply of phony devices and hired hands, you push too hard and they go nuts, strike out in any way they can, infants throwing tantrums.

Which is why, I still believe, Nancy Pelosi -- youngest of 6 children and mother of 5 -- is very very reluctant to even discuss impeachment -- she know about tantrums and, I think, considers the idea of a president with the emotional development of a 9 year old and the world-destroying nuclear capability born of post-WII insanity guided by former Nazi's advising, to be a really really scary thing.

Global warming? Hell, how about instant global broiling?

And that's why, even now, after destroying the lives of millions, destroying the US Military and the US Spirit of Liberty, they're still getting something of a free pass, because they believe it's THEIR football, and people know, you mess too hard with them, they'll just blow it up and go home to the dark recesses from which they came, down there a few thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, in total darkness, where hell-fires trickle up bits of the sulfur farts they need to sustain life.


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