Is common knowledge about Bush's foot-dragging motive accurate?

Thinking about the core of yesterday's posting -- correspondent inference -- assuming from an action that we know the motive of the person or persons who created that action because we're assuming that the obvious result was what was intended (i.e., 9-11, insisting Ben Ladn's GOAL is to kill Americans when the psychotic killing of Americans is only the monstrous TACTIC for his stated goal -- getting the US out of the Middle East, trying to make us stop supporting Israel, etc.)

So many people are pointing a finger at Bush for dragging out the war all assuming the reason is for him to escape to his spider hole January 21, 2009 and leave the mess for his successor, almost certainly destined to be a Democrat.

And of course, that would happen.

But then I think about the Iranian agent (remember him? Screwball?) who convinced the Bushies (or was it the Cheneys or the Rummies? Doesn't matter) of what they wanted to hear -- that the Iraqis were just waiting for us to come in and turn dictatorial rigidity into sheer homicidal anarchic insanity (what happened but presumably wasn't intended) by taking out the man Cheney and Rumsfeld helped put in back in 1968.

And once done, setting up a government we directed from day one.

And now they're all screaming like cartoon old ladies standing on a kitchen chair, skirts lifted and going "EEK-- a MOUSE!" at the prospect of Iran having more influence on the society of their next-door neighbors than we do.

And I become increasingly convinced that there's an additional motive.

I'm still only guessing but I see so many robot Republicans infected with talking points echolalia pointing their purple stinkfingers over and over at the Iraqi Parliament and saying how they're not doing the job.

In other words, the Republicans are pausing briefly from their endless demonizing of "liberals" to blame the Iraqis for our invasion of their country and the occupation and war that was a blunder from the planning to the execution, and is still that is still proving in the most hideous manner possible, the SNAFU Principle. They're screaming on Fox News and CNN and out of the mouths of Beltway Boys and all the right-wing stooges -- "Just look at those ungrateful Iraqis -- after all we've done for them to disassemble the government we didn't like -- and they can't keep their shit together --- IT'S THEIR FAULT!*

Simultaneously, there's another tryout line about how if WE can't stop violence here, how can they? That one combined with "If it took US 10 years to get a Constitution in 1789 how can we expect them to have one within a year."

Well, in 1789 it ALSO took -- I don't know -- a month? Two months? More? -- to sail from England to America. And months to even get everyone together in the sweltering summer heat of Philadelphia.

And were also epidemics playing out the unfunny version of "Bring Out Your Dead in that same city -- Influenza (1789) Yellow Fever (1762 and 1793), Scarlet Fever (1786, 1787, 1788), often-fatal Measles (1789), and the cyclic outbreaks of Smallpox (10 outbreaks of the Red Death between 1699 and 1799).

But that's just a tryout line, that since the USA is STILL acting like sociopathic neighborhood thugs and bullies more than 200 years later (just ask anyone in Latin America what it's like to live in the USA's neighborhood) , we can't expect the Iraqis to rush into sanity so quickly.

The real reason for the delay, I think, is to make the Iraqis themselves the Fall Guys for our fucked up, fouled, and failed invasion and occupation.

And for the 3600+ dead Americans and the literally uncounted dead Iraqis -- uncounted because maybe that small percentage of the American public left that hasn't yet written off Bush as the cowardly version of that other Texan -- the man in the Texas Tower, Charles Whitman -- would start noticing that Monkey Boy's smirking bravado destroyed the lives and homes of those Iraqis, killed their friends and family, and got them angry.

Best that when the mass of our society finds out about the anger, we all get to say, "Well how can they blame US? It was THEIR fault."


*In 1914, the Germans knew if they couldn't turn the corner on the Low Countries, they couldn't win the war. They didn't. And they kept the war going another 4 years while setting up fall guys, such as hiring lots of German Jews and Socialists and suchlike people to work in government jobs, allowing a great deal of criticism of the government in newspapers and magazines, etc.



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