U.S. Diplomat Sees Some Progress in Iraq

By ANNE FLAHERTY Associated Press Writer

July 19,2007 | WASHINGTON -- The top U.S. diplomat in Iraq said Thursday that Baghdad is making some political progress but faces considerable difficulty in the months to come to try to heal a nation long gripped by violence.

"If there is one word, I would use to sum up the atmosphere in Iraq -- on the streets, in the countryside, in the neighborhoods and at the national level -- that word would be fear," Ryan Crocker told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"For Iraq to move forward at any level, that fear is going to have to be replaced with some level of trust, confidence and that is what the effort at the national level is about," he added, speaking by video link from Baghdad.


They just don't get it -- the Pottery Barn principle ("You break it you bought it") is crap. --

The proper observation should be: "You break it, it's broken."

And it doesn't matter how many of the king's horses and how many of the king's men and women go bravely into that meat grinder and die or are maimed -- they aren't going to be able to do jack shit about it.

In this case, Bush and his band of merry "you and him fight" murderers just broke it.

And they're are afraid to admit it.

So more and more and more of the King's humans will get destroyed because of that.


But, oh yeah, I forgot -- in Bush's words, "God told him to do this."

To paraphrase Nietzsche: "When I hear the words ' God told me to..' I know a lot of people will be reaching for their pistols."

Are we getting the idea that even if the Dems get the courage to use the L-word (LIAR) it won't come close to the reality of this administration -- which is, politely put -- "A bunch of craven homicidal maniacs all as crazy as shithouse rats."

Get it?

-- they're completely insane and they're out of control.


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