Editorials asking "Why did it take Fredo so long to resign"

Are they kidding?

According to the 1996 Treaty against war crimes, both Fredo and Monkey Boy could be tried in the World Court (too bad if they don't recognize its authority) for crimes against humanity. And they'd damn well get convicted, too.

So why did it take Fredo so long to resign? Again -- are they kidding? They don't remember that man who disgraced his Marine Corps uniform by wearing it (despite not being in active service at the time) to make a visual plea in court (first case of symbolic whining I'd ever seen) -- you remember, Ollie North. And remember the "shredding parties?"

So why did it take Fredo so long to resign?

Because he had even more papers to shred than Ollie North did when Monkey Boy's dad was Veep and taking BCCI/Banco Lavoro kickbacks from Saddam Hussein and Colonel Noriega.

(Hey, if they can "lose" 4000+ emails sent, suspiciously, on non-White House servers, they can "lose" some incriminating documents.)


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