All Al Quaeda All the Time -- Charlie Brown and the Death Machine with Dick Cheney as Lucy

So now it's AL QUAEDA that runs the eastern province of Iraq
(Ooo-ee-oo -- the one right next to IRAN -- ooo-ee-oo)

Don't we ever get tired of the same old same old "boogie-man in the closet" game they keep playing on us? Don't we ever learn -- THEY MAKE IT UP.

The generals say that the Iraqis who now call themselves Al Quaeda (kind of the way the pissant minor league hoods in the USA try to convince people they're connected to the real mob) constitute maybe 2% of the insurgents... but the press -- not just FOX but CNN etc, are all Al Quaeda all the time...

and I fell asleep watching Wolf Blitzer (what a great soporific he is) and I dreamed of Danny Kaye being Hans Christian Anderson singing:

Al Quaeda, Al Quaeda, tiny little thing

Al Quaeda dance, Al Quaeda sing,

Al Quaeda Al Quaeda, though you're really small

When we need an enemy, you're 10 feet tall.

(When there's evil in the world -- you caused it all.)


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