Mike McConnell's Interview raises another point...

While most media were reporting on the interview as, well, what's the fuss, only 100 people were illegally wiretapped, so that's not so bad.
(Sure and only 3,000 people were burnt alive by the offspring of Bush-Pere's Saudi pals, so what's the big fuss? We kill more than that on the highways every month.. by the way, my cavalier attitude is sarcastic, not sincere, in case the type doesn't tell the tone of voice.)

Glenn Greenwald does a fine job of getting to the root of what I can only describe as McConnell's candid smokescreen ... that FISA was passed to end precisely the misdeeds that were done by the 21st Century Bush-League Presidency ... warrantless wiretapping -- and his bizarre request to retractively immunize the phone companies that broke the law from any law suits...

But that leads me to another point, the yammer yammer of the Republicans who say "Well, Bush and Bush and then Clinton and Clinton, as if the two were the same thing. (Which, interestingly, seems to me like a tacit admission that the two Bush-wah Administrations have been a disaster.)

Not even close.

First of all, it's Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush -- different faces all backed by the same sociopaths lurking in the shadows of the White House corridors -- Karl Rove (Grasshopper to Donald Segretti's Master of Ratfucking), Eliot Abrams, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, Donald Redrum, Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, et al.

Second, there was Bush-Pere's recession ending with a HUGE infusion of tax money intended to buy him re-election. Then Bush-League's economic semi-disaster, i.e., the assholes who revel in the stock market got all comfy at the expense of hundreds of thousands of layoffs, jobs and homes lost and families ruined, the administration going down on the Wall Street Wankers by changing the unemployment percentage to say that once your unemployment insurance runs out, you're no longer unemployed. A true count would give us something like 12 - 15% unemployed.

Third, Bill Clinton presided over a hot economy where even middle and lower middle income people got healthy economically .. plus social programs like Cobra and Compassionate Leave which suggested that Mr. Clinton actually gave a damn about the people who live in America.

I am -- believe me -- no fan of Hillary Clinton, but Wesley Clark is NOT going to the the next president. Still, it wouldn't be so bad if she won, and certainly not a treasury-plundering, Bill of Rights destroying, sneering, spit-on-the-poor and stop those children from sucking on the government tit for medical care their parent(s) can't afford regime. (Any government tit-sucking going on, it's going to be done by Hallibruton and the rest of the Usual Miscreants.)

Mrs. Clinton is an intelligent human being, a quality this country truly needs in the next president, even more than we needed it in vain in this one -- she a VERY intelligent human being (which is a problem with getting elected in a country that reviles and dislikes anyone who actually IS intelligent).

I still say the ONLY success of this administration has been to achieve the true goal in Iraq, i.e., lie our way into invading and then screw up the occupation so horribly that the USA can be convinced we need to stay there, in Iraq, forever, occupying all the permanent military bases we've built and thereby controlling who get oil, and more important -- who, in very few years, gets potable water from the Tigris and Euphrates. (Since we had to abandon the base Poppy built in Saudi Arabia that caused a blowback reaction by Osama ben Ladn and other Fundamentalist Muslims that culminated in the two bombings of the World Trade Center. Why, was there another reason he faked Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait?)

That was the goal, and the masters picked the right little monkey boy to pull it off... they learned the hard way that if you have someone who is fully aware of the plan, like Nixon, people can tell from the TV camera closeups that he's hiding something.

Thus, the genius of finding two blissfully unaware self-absorbed smiling doofusses to sit in the oval office -- Ronnie Reagan, who actually could play it as if it were real, and George W Bush, who was always obviously reading lines. (George GWH Bush was merely the rear guard.)

Oh, one other point -- the people of America actually liked -- and still like -- Bill Clinton. Which may have something to do with the fact that he liked people.

We've got a whole year to see if Hillary loosens up or Obama grows up or Edwards's numbers move up before we have to decide if any of them (or anyone else) can possibly be as mean-spirited, vicious, vacuous, vindictive, stupid, sociopathic, conscienceless, and truly truly second-rate as Monkey Boy.

I doubt such a creature actually exists.

I actually think -- no joke -- Charles Manson has more of a social conscience than GW Bush.


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