Michael Vick says: "I was immature."

Mr. Vick
-- you killed dogs by strangling them or drowning them, not because they needed being put down out of compassion (although you put enough dogs into that dogfighting situation for gamblers to yell and scream and bet their money on), but because they were too wussy for your standards.

On what planet is that IMMATURE?
Wetting the bed is IMMATURE. (Although that's another characteristic of young sociopaths.)
Torturing and killing dogs is pure sadistic pathology.

Even Hitler was kind to dogs. Oh, right, he wasn't immature. (Get real, those swastikas and death's heads and uniforms were purely designed for 12-year olds). But ok.

So it's ok to torture and kill dogs when you're a kid?

Only for sociopaths.

SO please -- I am fully aware of the undercurrent of racism in ALL media cases involving African-Americans -- this is America and it's always there, but PLEASE -- the desire of most people to see Mr. Vick raped and tortured while in prison has NOTHING to do with his race but EVERYTHING to do with him learning a lesson about that old phrase:

"Shouldn't happen to a dog."

But to a dog-torturer?



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