Fred Thompson waited too long.

The man who wants to be the smiling version of Dick Cheney should have read the classics -- Shakespeare -- "Ripeness is all."

This poseur waited too long and rotted on the vine.

His right-wing religioso perch has already been taken -- Gov Huckabee, a man who, abhorrent as his policies are (pretty much the same as Fred's), is a man with a quality the rest don't have -- he's likable (so is Ron Paul, but in a different way)

-- Every time I see him talk I can't help but think "DAMN! I like that man."

Look at Ken Doll Romney and Elmer Fudd Giuliani and the rest... all ill-tempered pezzonovantes.

But Huckabee is a guy who makes you smile.

Heavy heavy heavy power in that.

(Although I could never understand why so many people couldn't see Bush as a mean vicious smiling prick. Never could understand why anyone would want to invite him to the barbecue
or have a beer with him. So maybe my liking Huckabee means the others won't.)


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