This is NOT 'High crimes and misdemeanors' -- this is 'Low crimes and Felonies' as the World Court defines "Crimes Against Humanity."

Dick Cheney's top aide:

"We're one bomb away" from our goal

(ed: He was referring to the hope that one more terrorist bombing in the USA would give them unlimited power without oversight by congress, the FISA court, or anyone else)


In October of 2003, Jack Goldsmith -- a right-wing lawyer with radical views of executive power and long-time friend of John Yoo -- was named by the Bush administration to head the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel, one of the most influential legal positions in the executive branch. During his tenure, he discovered numerous legal positions which the administration had adopted (many created by Yoo) that he found baseless and even unconscionable -- from torture to detention powers to illegal surveillance -- and he repudiated many of them, thereby repeatedly infuriating the most powerful White House officials, led by Cheney top aide David Addington. As a result, his tenure was extremely brief, and he was gone a mere 9 months after he began.

Goldsmith, now a Harvard Law Professor, has just written a book to be released this month, criticizing and, in some cases, exposing for the first time, many of Bush's executive power abuses. He is donating all the proceeds from the book to charity to prevent the standard integrity attacks which Bush followers launch at any ex-officials who commit such blasphemy. In a lengthy profile in The New York Times Magazine, Jeffrey Rosen profiles Goldsmith and highlights some of the book's key revelations.

Two revelations in particular are extraordinary and deserve (but are unlikely to receive) intense media coverage. First, it was Goldsmith who first argued that the administration's secret, warrantless surveillance programs were illegal, and it was that conclusion which sparked the now famous refusal of Ashcroft/Comey in early 2004 to certify the program's legality. Goldsmith argued continuously about his conclusion with Addington, and during the course of those arguments, this is what happened:

[Goldsmith] shared the White House's concern that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act might prevent wiretaps on international calls involving terrorists. But Goldsmith deplored the way the White House tried to fix the problem, which was highly contemptuous of Congress and the courts. "We're one bomb away from getting rid of that obnoxious [FISA] court," Goldsmith recalls Addington telling him in February 2004.
Their goal all along was to "get rid of the obnoxious FISA court" entirely, so that they could freely eavesdrop on whomever they wanted with no warrants or oversight of any kind. And here is Dick Cheney's top aide, drooling with anticipation at the prospect of another terrorist attack so that they could seize this power without challenge. Addington views the Next Terrorist Attack as the golden opportunity to seize yet more power. Sitting around the White House dreaming of all the great new powers they will have once the new terrorist attack occurs -- as Addington was doing -- is nothing short of deranged...


Read on here -- there's a lot more to this article.


I still believe the most effective way to regain some international credibility and get away from the fact that the world considers US a terrorist nation, is for the next president and congress to arrest these people and turn them over to the World Court for Trial. I only regret that the World Court no longer follows the principle of "Hang 'em High." Perhaps they'll make an exception for a couple of Wild West Wannabe Sociopaths.

This is the sort of thing that makes a reasonable person think it's quite possible some of these humanesque vermin were actually complicit in the WTC and Pentagon murders on 9-11. Or as my friend Fletcher says: "It's not that they actually DID IT, but that we know they're actually capable of it."

--some other thoughts on this sort of thing:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable
searches and seizures, shall not be violated,
and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing
the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
4th Amendment- US Constitution

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I've seen the way wolves treat each other...
And I've seen the way men treat each other when they think their God is involved...


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Once that's gone, truth, like compassion, reason,
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Ente Grillenhaft -- "Treatise on Reason and Hysteria"

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