Clarification on the comments made second post down

When I quoted Charles Olson as saying that mythology drives society and history and defined mythology as "that which is said about that which is said," I mean us .. not over-the-hill talking heads like Pat Buchanan and Carl Bernstein, not the Pentagon sock puppets, but us.

In other words, whatever it is or isn't that Carl Bernstein said, mythology also applies to what WE say about what HE said.

To use a less highly charged example, Richard Nixon, up against it for the Watergate Break-in and investigation, came out and said "I am not a crook." Whatever the paid mouths of television had to say about that (and many of them were saying it was such a shame he had to actually DENY such a thing because blah-blah...) what the people saying was a succinct "Sure you are."

And that's the one that counted.



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