Guess which minister is, as the Irish saying goes, "crazy as a shithouse rat?" (Hint -- it's a white guy.")

Hagee: Public schools give abortions

In a sermon given at his San Antonio, Texas Cornerstone megachurch that was telecast and available in up to ninety million homes worldwide, controversial pastor John Hagee, who has endorsed the presidential bid of Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, Jr., claimed that American public schools provide abortion services. Hagee stated, "Your daughter can get an abortion in public school without telling you but she can't get an aspirin without your approval."

The pastor also claimed that public school teachers can force their students to study a "precursor to witchcraft" and suggests that America has invited "satan" and demonic spirits into its public school systems by failing to display the Ten Commandments on classroom walls. Presidential hopeful John McCain, Jr. has said he is "glad to have" Hagee's support and "admires" the leadership of the Texas pastor -- who has declared God has cursed and doomed America.


Regarding that last line, that "God has cursed and doomed America," if psychotic idiots like Rev Hagee are allowed to run around loose and spew his sewer of vicious insanity into millions of homes, well, maybe we are doomed.


Hagee was INVITED into the McCain campaign (no doubt to kiss up to those 90 million viewers,
just as a smiling sociopathic scumbag shouting out obscenities while hiding behind a bible (I'm referring to Rev Billy Graham) was invited into the White House over and over again by one presidentafter another. (Hey -- I'm born of a Jewish mother, i.e., Jewish, so The Rev Graham take his virulent anti-semitic ravings and shove them up his ass along with the Devil's dick, which is supposed to be happening in that Hell he so often created for his listeners.

Let me make it clear -- I know and have known Christians who are actually CHRISTIAN, in the sense of adhering to and trying to emulate Jesus -- but they don't include those I've mentioned above as well as that sneaky and snide venom insinuatiing wormtongue, Pat Robertson; Weepy Jim Bakker, the Tiny Tears doll of ministry along with his pathetic wife, Tammy Faye; the Toxic Pillsbury Give-me-some=dough boy, the late Jerry Falwell (that name always made me think it was a description of Lucifer tumbling from Heaven to Hell -- "Wow, didn't he fall well? At least he went out with syle.") and all the rest, such as the Reverend Billy Jim Hargis who was putting his Johnson into the kids in the church, goys and girls both -- such as the sodomizing of a teenage boy in a men's room, an act that came to light back in 1976, and all the rest.

These are people who -- if there really is a Heaven and a Hell*, as they claim, will, when they see their lives with a final eye, be VERY VERY surprised to find out which one they actually represented with their fear-mongering.


They make the Rev Jeremiah Wright seem rather small-time tame and restrained when he jumps up and down and does things like damn America for slavery or assert that the presence of America businesses in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries were factors in the mass murder of September 11, 2001. Not defending him, just finding his weirdness and hallucinations a lot more amusing than those sprayed into our society by those white guys I mentioned.

And Rev Hagee may be trying for the title of "Most Insane Minister of the 21st Century."


*But I think the observation someone made that "Hell is strictly for believers" might have it right.



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