And why am I so pissed off about John McCain?

Because he was one of a very Republicans who was not a flag-waver for a theocratic dictatorship (you know, the one in which white Christians whine and moan about how they are so picked on in society -- right, tell it to Jews and African-Americans... and Hispanics and Women and Asians and Mediterraneans -- Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arab)

... he actually believed in the traditional American pre-Great Depression Republican way -- live and let live, don't mess with people's lives, don't overtax them (especially don't make us pay for the government to stick its nose in where it didn't belong in the first place...)

I tend far more to the Libertarian Left (yes there is one) than that, but have always respected if not agreed with their premise -- the way to keep a society healthy economically is through letting big businesses (and small ones) go at their own pace (as contrasted with keeping the society economically healthy by being sure the people can have homes and medical care and buy the goods those companies make)

He was one of the few in the Senate who had those ideals -- until he wanted to become president so much he was willing to make a deal with the devils -- Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson: he knew just who to go to for soul-selling -- and become a public asshole.

I hope he can someday recover what he lost, that he only rented his soul, but it pisses me off so much that a good man was taken up the mountain and came down a sonofabitch

(oh, I've been told -- as have most of us -- that he was always a sonofabitch -- so what. I'm pissed he became a corrupt sonofabitch, a tool for men so much his inferior he shouldn't even talk to them, let alone bend over for them).


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