At a certain point -- and we've been past it for some time now -- McCain's mining of his POW past is just boring...

It's like -- in the 60's and 70's (and 80's and 90's) -- middle-aged assholes whining about "My parents really fucked me up -- wouldn't let me play with my teddy bear, never told me they loved me..." (These are real things and things to be discussed with people you love and care about, but not claims to fame to make strangers go "ooh" and "ahhh.")

Sorry, John -- I know I could never have stood the sort of abuse you did, but, you know -- I never would have been there raining death on rice farmers, either.

GET OVER IT -- OR at least just shut up about it. The people in Southeast Asia who watch you via satellite aren't really interested, and neither are any of us, not anymore.

The whole point of telling it to us -- again and again -- is to align our minds to your kampf and enough is enough -- as Lord Buckley said about Jonah calling on the lord to save him: "Boy, you keep ringing that bell, you're gonna BEND that bell."

It's bent, Old John, and been bent from in front.


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