Maybe the VC brutalized him, or whatever --

John McCain brought up the name-- JOE THE PLUMBER --- repeated it over and over, a man as sloppily vetted as Sarah Palin... and then the press found out the day after that

1 -- his name wasn't Joe

2 -- he wasn't a plumber


3 -- he was a plant

So NOW McCain goes out and rallies the crowds by telling them how Joe is being attacked by Obama and his people.

Jeezus -- how fucking stupid are the people who yell and scream in support?

Because -- John McCain -- whatever his virtues in the past -- and I don't care what they did to him, the people whose friends and neighbors and families he'd been busy killing before he got caught -- I don't think they were nice guys, but they let him live, which is more than he did for their people -- but whatever the past held and however nice and sparkly he was -- he has made a deal to willingly turn himself into nothing more than a lying sack of talking shit in a desperate attempt to get POWER.

And when he doesn't get it, and when the devil comes for his due, what then?


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