I'd like to believe that John McCain still has a shred of decency left...

... but at long last, Senator --- what you're doing now, in a desperate attempt to smear your opponent as a "terrorist," projecting an image of 9-11 on to him is this:

You're digging up the dead from September 11, 2001, and rubbing yourself on their blood and bones and ashen remnants, seeking votes by becoming a ghoul -- a grave-robbing version of a subway frotteur.

If you'd have objected to the asshole who shouted "KILL HIM!"and told security to have him charged with making a death threat against a presidential candidate a person could consider you a man who still has some principles left.

If you answered the person who shouted "TRAITOR" by pointing a finger and telling him to get the fuck out of your face, telling security to run him outside, you'd get some admiration from me -- maybe not my vote, but I would think that perhaps, at long last, sir, you still have some decency.

If you answered the people who shout "SOCIALIST!" and "TERRORIST!"with AT LEAST a gentle, "No, he's not," then some of us might consider you hadn't completely sold your soul to get power and position (thrones and dominions).

But as it is, we can only look at you as a man who was willing to sell his soul for power, and who made a deal to do that -- sell your soul -- with someone who PRETENDED to be the Devil, but in fact was just someone flogging an adjustable rate damnation.


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