OK, the observation of McCain below is not exactly accurate.

Because he has one other trick aside from blaming everything from the collapse of the world economy to the last Ice Age on Barack Obama -- and that is, on any subject, after rephrasing what Obama just said as if he was saying something never heard before, let alone heard just a moment ago:

"We can fix it, my Friends. I know how to do that. But my opponent doesn't know how to do anything but raise taxes."

He never explains HOW he will fix it -- I know how to get Osama Ben Ladn ...I know how to fix Social Security ... saving the economy -- I know how to do that... MY FRIENDS...

Or as was pointed out long ago, when McCain cynically named Sarah Palin as his running mate as if to have an actual woman on the ticket:

"You ladies happy? Alright? I got one with a cunt."

Right -- she HAS one, and he IS one.


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