John McCain --the Cranky Old Fart Version of Rudy Giuliani

As Joe Biden once pointed out, Rudy Giuliani's entire platform was:

"Subject, verb, and 9-11."

McCain's entire platform is:

"Change the subject, point a finger and snidely say that EVERYTHING is Barack Obama's fault, even the stuff that happened when the Republicans were riding untrammeled and roughshod over Congress, the White House and the Constitution."

Or as Alan Rickman said at the conclusion of the The January Man:

"Some people are just so finished.

All McCain is proving is that his reputation as a man of integrity, a man who tells the truth, was nothing but a carefully fabricated illusion. Or maybe he was, which makes it tragic that he's become such a slime-throwing shit bird.

But when he gets some psycho bimbo from Alaska to scream "TRAITOR!" and she just LAUGHS when someone in her audience responds to her charges by yelling (about Obama) "KILL HIM!" -- it's gone way beyond even the sleazy Rovie-ian lies.


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