CITI bank -- at least they're staying true to their principles: greed and arrogance

The only requirement I would place on CITI in the bailout --

If nothing else, make them stop running those incredibly obnoxious "We're so fucking wonderful" TV commercials:

"That's why we work around the world, that's why we work around the CLOCK."

Unless they change them to say

"The world never sleeps, and our overwhelming greed and shocking incompetence never sleeps, that's why we go to congress to beg, even though we sneer at government and disdain any steps taken to make us behave responsibly them the rest of the time..."

And then maybe we'll stop thinking about how there should be a federal death penalty for destroying so many lives without concern.

(OK, OK -- no death penalty, just 20 years to life and do it as hard time in Pelican Bay, or maybe Lompoc or Terminal Island -- the kind of place they call a "Gladiator school" and where they hand you a wooden stick and a trash can lid when you come in and you make your rep in the yard -- because you know what hard charger tough guys those Wall Street types are always bragging about being.)


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