What's Ayman al Zawahiri's problem?

Well, first of all, if you recall, back in early August of this year, our news sources claimed our death squads killed him. Later, of course, that was seen to be only wishful thinking on our part.

Second, he's pissed off and jealous -- the real professionals have known for a long time that Osama ben Ladn was pretty much just a symbolic leader (and a useful money funnel from the Saudis), but that Zawahiri -- former leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad -- was the real brains, the only one who could could have put the 9-11 attack together.

So then Obama goes and tells everyone that Ben Ladn was the REAL leader and that we were going after him, with no mention of the rabid little fucker Joe Pesci lookalike at all. ("What am I?" he asked, "Chopped goat meat?")

Third -- well, to American white guys, they're all darkies, but in the real world, Arabs do NOT like Negroid Africans -- not only were most of the perpetrators of the Black African slave trade Arabs*, but it's still not a very happy relationship -- look at the genocide in Darfur -- the northern African Arabs are systematically killing off the black Africans.

There's no love lost between them - hasn't been for hundreds of years.

It's as if Zawahiri looks at Malcolm X the way the Republicans look at Joe Lieberman -- a kiss ass who they can trust, at least in post-mortem memory, even if he was Negro.

Funny -- none of the people who idolize Malcolm X seem to ever mention his epiphany at Mecca, the understanding that he found gave meaning to his entire life, the change of heart he had, turning away from violent interaction and toward harmonious tactics, a turn that led to the violent end of his life as the Honorable Elijah Muhammed and Minister Farrakhan could no longer trust him to be a rabid dog on behalf of the nation of Islam.

But Zawahiri has as much trouble believing that Obama is a Christian, and NOT a muslim -- just as disbelieving as any right-wing American Christ enthusiast.

Goes to show how people believe what they want to believe. Or as Upton Sinclair put it:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends on not understanding it."

His salary, or his status.

Come on -- doesn't it make you feel better to realize that Zawahiri is just as insecure and neurotic as, say, Newt Gingrich or Pat Robertson. Doesn't it?


* Except for Amistad. Remember, the black African wrongly traded as a slave who brought suit and won his freedom. Remember the movie? Of course the part Stephen Spielberg left out of the movie was that, after he won his freedom, Amistad went back to Africa and became a slave trader himself. (That's the kind of fact that fucks up that fantasy world Speilberg wants us to believe, doesn't it?)



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