Sarah Palin is whining about people taking her comments out of context?

Is she brain-damaged?
Suffering from premature dementia?

She doesn't remember that her entire campaign consisted (mostly) of saying:

"Senator Obama says.... (fill in the snippet of a sentence taken out of context to make it something other than what was said) ...and that's not what America needs."

(Of course, she and McCain learned the hard way that one of the out-of-context sentence snippets -- "spread the wealth" -- actually sounded like a pretty good thing to the American public.)

Is she too stupid to know that's what she was doing?

Or too tender to deal with the cynical reality of changing the meaning of something that was said when it's done to her? (Although to be fair to those reporters, it may not be done intentionally where she's concerned. It may be the best a reporter can do trying to figure out what the hell she's talking about.)

Or too cynical herself to care if people remember or not?

The Republican base liked her because she was tough and brash and didn't appear to be any smarter than they were. They don't really ever like it when a new hero is whining and complaining about the way she's being treated.

It's called: "She can dish it out but she can't take it."

Personally, I think the fact that she's destroying her chances for 2012 is fine, although a lot of people I like are already hoping she's the candidate running against President Obama in 2012.


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