What a surprise -- Little Joey was contrite

But then why should his demeanor change just because he was caught choosing the wrong side -- he spent the last 4 years on his belly, crawling through his own slime to kiss the asses of George W Bush, John McCain, and others ... so now he's crawling back because the whores he bet on finished last?

It's something like Benedict Arnold telling the Continental Army "Hey, it was just a bit of a lark, fellows."

(W may be a thug and a drunken monster, but AT LEAST he valued loyalty as an important virtue.)

So as to Little Joey -- Fuck him and fuck all the Democratic Senators he rode back in on. I doubt I'll ever feel good about voting Republican, but I sure as hell can join in with all the rest of the leftward folk who have been betrayed by the gutless nutless wonders of the Democratic Senate and carry on the job Barack Obama started, cleaning out the rot and stink of what used to be the Democratic party, saving the few who had/have some standards and replacing every last one of the rest with some folk who have a bit of integrity.

In California that means waving goodbye to Senators Boxer and Feinstein (and I really admired Senator Boxer) But doing it with a secret ballot, who knows how anyone voted?

Jeezus, you people betray everything we thought you stood for and then make the betrayal perfect by refusing to even take responsibility for your decision.

Got news for you - YOU ARE NOT THE CEO's of the US Government -- you are OUR employees and you're bloody well fired -- surely, out of 30+ million people, we can find a couple of candidates whose shelf life, unlike that of those poor wastes of human protoplasm, hasn't expired.

I wondered how long it would take until our joy at the election turned to nausea... 2 weeks.


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