They got down to THIS point a while ago --- threw up their hands and said "Ahhh, fuck it --- we'll just make stuff up" (but don't use the L-word, NO-NO-NO --- not the one that rhymes with "pants on fire.")

Oct 26th, 2008 | TAMPA, Fla. -- Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has a pointed message for Barack Obama: This thing isn't over yet.

Speaking in Tampa, Fla., on Sunday, Palin sharply criticized Obama for acting as if he's already won the election.

Palin mentioned reports that the Democratic presidential nominee, who is leading in the polls, has already written his inaugural speech. That drew boos from the crowd of more than 5,000 gathered for a rally at the Tampa convention center.

Palin said Obama's campaign "thinks this whole election thing is just a formality."

With just nine days to go before the Nov. 4 election, Palin was making another push in the swing state of Florida, where most polls show Obama leading Republican candidate John McCain.


I don't think she knows there's a difference between an inauguration speech and a nomination acceptance statement.

But then she really doesn't seem to care about any differences -- not as long as she can throw shit at someone.

(That's why they call her a GREAT campaigner -- -- if you can't make a logical argument, at least be entertaining --
and fecal flings are ALWAYS popular entertainment


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