Kawakami: Singletary might just wake up the Yorks

Kawakami: Singletary might just wake up the Yorks

By Tim Kawakami
Mercury News Columnist

Denise DeBartolo York should talk to Mike Singletary, person to owner, and she should be braced for an epiphany.

She might not like what she hears. I'm almost sure that she won't. But if anybody can force a revelation out of the 49ers' ultimate owner, it's Singletary. It almost has to be Singletary...

What can Singletary do? ... he can show DeBartolo York that everything her family has tried has failed and everything it has sold to the public is false.

Just by his presence, Singletary might finally convince her that the York shell game has failed utterly.

Just by standing near Denise's son Jed, the team's new front man, Singletary might be the credible tipping point: Does Denise want Jed to be compared to this strong, decent man?

Should anybody — even his mother — believe that a man like Jed York can succeed when a man like Singletary almost certainly will fail?

That's not something the Yorks want to believe, I know. That's the Big Lie they've told themselves — that none of this is their fault and that Jed will ride in and return the franchise to greatness...

Too bad Singletary can't bench the Yorks, because I'm pretty sure eventually he'll want to... But this isn't Singletary's team ... this is the Yorks' team. They have no quarterback. They have no vision. They had no plan other than belief in Nolan, and now he has been exposed and burned.

The whole pathetic York legacy is a virus, and it has infected the locker room for years.

They have no new stadium. They have a fan base eroding faster than the polar ice caps. They have no practical front-office structure. They have Jed York in place, and he's a figment of a specter of an imaginary true executive front man.
And I wonder: When does Denise DeBartolo York realize that this is never going to work for them and that it's only going to get worse? ...

When they start blaming Singletary, maybe even Denise DeBartolo York will finally survey the ruins of the past decade and wonder: Hasn't this family done enough to this franchise?


Since they set up Eddie D for a bust, stole the team from him, and spent the past decade pretending to be NFL team owners, why should they act like decent conscientious people now?


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