Oh the alarms were all ringing, and Bushies were singing...

...because, with only a few weeks left, they got Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke to help Monkey Boy pull off one more BIG GIGANTIC HISTORICALLY MONUMENTAL FINAL THEFT ...

and all the Bushie Cabalists are getting THEIR final bonuses -- and of course none of the big banks are willing to even say what they've done with the billions because no one with authority is trying to make them do so.

These people never understand that the REASON the people get violent is when legal remedies are denied them. (Or, of course, because they like it and dont care if there are legal options, which, in this case, there really aren't.)

I am old enough to:

(1) not get violent any more, and

(2) Remember seeing the cycles go around enough times to realize that such news wonders as sniper shootings on Dallas freeways are related to what the giganto sleazoids on Wall Street are doing between theft and layoffs... ("We only know he was described as a short, bald, middle-aged man..." Remind anyone of Michael Douglas in his one movie where fear of women wasn't the theme?)

The bottom line? They can't AFFORD to let soldiers and marines come back from Iraq to find their homes, jobs, families, etc all gone and them with no skills but special weapons training.


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