Cheney warns that we may suffer an WMD attack if Obama changes Bush's counter-terrorism policies!

Dick Cheney?

He came out of his hidey hole to pretend anyone actually cares what he thinks.

This is a man who hid out from the daylight for eight years like some sort of unwholesome slime creature, only coming out intermittently when he had enough energy to actually assume human form.

This is a man who was terrified of speaking under oath.

Who was terrified that anyone would find out what sort of OTHER slime creatures he conspired with (for energy policy, etc).

Most of all, he was the man who, when congress was working with the Hart-Rudman Report, the one that took 5 years of meeting with high-ups in the countries that had experienced attacks in their cities, the one Bill Clinton had commissioned, the report that looked at terrorism and what we could do to prevent it from happening here on American soil -- who, when Monkey Boy pulled it out of the hands of congress, which was working on implementing some of the conclusions, said "I'll give it to Cheney and he'll see if it's any good."

And of course, Cheney put it in the circular file.

Now he comes out of his toad-hole to tell us unless we stick strictly to the policies implemented by Bush (i.e., the sock puppet with Cheney's hand up his ass) we're doomed, and we'll be destroyed.

Now he has a replacement sock-puppet -- the echolalians at Politico who'll repeat whatever he says as if it were the truth and as if they actually did any research to find out if this were just another PR tour.

This is a man about whom intelligent people have wondered if he had any complicity with the murders of 9-11-2001, or if not complicit, allowed it-- despite foreknowledge -- because the hideous monstrosity of it would be perfect for him and his pals (Halliburton, Blackwater, et al) to make billions in the chaos.

About which conspiracy possibility, a wise friend of mine said:

"It's not that we think they actually did that. Who knows? Maybe they did. We'll never know. But what is so disturbing is that we KNOW they're capable of it."

Hey -- you had 8 years of being terrified and trying to smear your own terror with the rest of us, so give it a rest, crawl back into your cave -- accept the fact that you no longer have any authority.

Too bad -- those scary ghosts and avenging angels show up every time you turn out the light.



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