Paradise? Plural of Paradox?

Most of my life, I've thought that
PARADISE is the plural of PARADOX

Otherwise, why would quotes referring to the Resurrection of Jesus include:

Certum est qui impossibile est --
It is certain because it is impossible.


Credo quia absurdum
I believe (it) because it is absurd

And the rationalization that it's a poor translation leads to
asking if incorrect translation might ALSO apply to any or all parts of the bible?

So then this interchange in the Principia Discordia may resolve the question, being, of itself, something of a paradox:

Certum est quia impossibile est

"Is Eris true?"
"Everything is true."
"Even false things?"
"Even false things are true."
"But how can that be?"
"I don't know, man, I didn't do it."

The Principia Discordia (different link) is commentary on ERIS, goddess of discord and strife.

Later printings included an introduction by the late Robert Anton Wilson (fourth edition) and the late Kerry Thornley (fifth edition)


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