Remember how people laughed when the newly-elected W said "A dictatorship wouldn't be so bad ... if I could be dictator..."

Fuckanoodle -- the sonofabitch wasn't joking:

This from Glenn Greenwald's column:

The newly released secret laws of the Bush administration

"Authority for Use of Military Force to Combat Terrorist Activities Within the U.S." It was sent to (and requested by) Defense Department General Counsel William J. Haynes and authored by Assistant Attorney General John Yoo and DOJ Special Counsel Robert Delahunty. ... it was the official and formal position of the U.S. Government -- at least of the omnipotent Executive Branch -- from the time it was issued until just several months George Bush before left office (October, 2008), when OLC Chief Stephen Bradbury abruptly issued a memo withdrawing, denouncing and repudiating both its reasoning and conclusions.

The essence of this document was to declare that George Bush had the authority (a) to deploy the U.S. military inside the U.S., (b) directed at foreign nationals and U.S. citizens alike; (c) unconstrained by any Constitutional limits, including those of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments. It was nothing less than an explicit decree that, when it comes to Presidential power, the Bill of Rights was suspended, even on U.S. soil and as applied to U.S. citizens. And it wasn't only a decree that existed in theory; this secret proclamation that the Fourth Amendment was inapplicable to what the document calls "domestic military operations" was, among other things, the basis on which Bush ordered the NSA, an arm of the U.S. military, to turn inwards and begin spying -- in secret and with no oversight -- on the electronic communications (telephone calls and emails) of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.


In other words, that fuzzy-headed asshole had his slaveys give him the power to eavesdrop on, kidnap, imprison, torture, etc ANYONE - U.S. Citizen or not -- that he THOUGHT had something to do with the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001.

And as we all remember, Monkey Boy himself made the definition clear, that we were either WITH HIM or we were enemies of the state.

So it is with some sense of judicial moderation my hope for that Frat-boy prick and all those who helped him to establish that authority (since we may never know how many people WERE taken under that power) and everyone else who said "OK," and that includes members of congress, Republican, Democrat, and Independent, and Laura -- sorry honey -- you took the ride, you pay for the ticket -- they they may all live out their lives suffering the torments of the damned every minute of every hour of every day. That they know that for the rest of their lives, every piece of paper, every recovered email, every bit of testimony from every person they ever knew will point at them wordlessly screaming, like Donald Sutherland in the last scene of the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

That way, while Obama and his people work late trying to figure out how to clean up the mess and rot left from the greed and fear that goes all the way to Nixon's administration, the rest of us can watch the lions take down the goddamned Christian-manque monsters of the Bush-league, watch and laugh as they are torn apart the media coliseum and laugh when they scream in protest that they "were only doing what was right".


(Oh, and if there's any way to include Rush Limbaugh in that "this-way-to-your-grave" lineup, please do. After all, he was one of the ones who so loved his own inhumanity that his gave up his only forgotten soul to grow bigger and bigger and give us dire warnings as if he were the arbiter of it, that criticizing ANYTHING the Bush-wah thugs did was tantamount to treason. Strip him naked and let the Democrats throw sharp pointed things at him until they, too, have to answer for THEIR part -- silence, the man said in my Quaker-oriented hometown of Philadelphia, SILENCE CONNOTES ASSENT)


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