So Cheney thinks it's ok to commit war crimes, IF

... IF the end in any way justified the means.

Sure we tortured, you sez, but so what?
We got those guys to say what we wanted them to.

And of course, with a total lack of historical knowledge, you REALLY (?) think that Obama making some sort of acknowledgment with regret to the historical facts of our support of mass murderers to run countries (Trujillo, Somoza, Marcos, et al) is a terrible thing.

That Obama smiling like a diplomat is a crime, but your instigation and supervision of the slaughter and maiming of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as a way of getting more and more and more money for your pals at Halliburton ISN'T? Even to the point of stealing it from funds intended to serve and protect our military people.

I guess the idea of having to sit down, shut up, and live with what you've done -- that terrifies you.

As maybe it should.

Because what we had for 8 years is a, administration which was no more than a bunch of pugnacious babies insisting they're TOUGH GUYS while hiding their heads under the covers, leaving a nightlight on, and yelling at the monsters in the closet "YOU BETTER NOT COME IN HERE!!!"

The more you talk the more we see increasingly how despicable you are -- even me, and when you were in office, I pretty much thought you were an obscene waste of protoplasm.

So, little Dickie -- why don't you just shut the fuck up -- NO ONE wants to hear you whining.

You had 8 years to approximate human form and destroy and kill and maim and steal without any interference, just a smiling sock monkey for a president -- and you did PLENTY of that.

Every word you say in public now just shows more slime, more venom, more rot and stink and corruption.

So for your own self as well as ours --- shut the fuck up. Because the only possible positive function you're having now is to control the amount of obesity in America by causing a bulemic reaction in everyone who is within range of your amazingly smarmy slimy voice -- when you open your mouth, we all taste the vomit rising.

I pity you -- you committed so many atrocities and crimes, you are in mortal terror of the music ever stopping and you having to answer that Beatles question: "What do you see when you turn out the light?"

If I had a dog in as much pain as you are showing -- I'd ask the vet to put him down.

But in your case -- I sincerely hope you have the long long hideously tortured life you created for yourself.


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