Cheney's addiction

Well, since Whoopie Goldberg already called Glen Beck the broadcast version of "lying sack of dogshit," that's been used.

Wouldn't be what I have to say, anyway, about Dick Cheney's Sedition Tour, even though you could describe Cheney quite accurately with that phrase -- just not to the core of what's going on.

But if you've ever seen junkies, crack or meth addicts, you know that unwholesome vibration of weirdness and self-serving whining. It's the need for a fix when you haven't got the price and are willing to commit any crime to get it.

Cheney is and has been terminally addicted to his own self-importance, and he's less than important unless he has power and influence. He's had that for so long (hanging onto it with threats and payoffs and plunder for his pals) that he's terrified to find himself out and needing to be just another asshole who has to face his ghosts and crimes as they hover accusingly in the dark late night. For a meaningless vehicle of corruption like him to be without power and authority is as if he's being deprived of oxygen. Death is more acceptable than to have to man up and own up to his crimes.

But like the junkie on the skids, he hasn't got the price for a fix -- he no longer has the authority vested in him by the Bush family and Halliburton, no longer has or is able to spend the currency that came from sitting in the dark shadows, hiding from the boogie-man under some rock, letting a sock puppet front for him and snarling his monstrous orders ... he became the boogie-man, and maybe he liked that -- if no one likes you, or respects you, or can tolerate you, then what's left is to scare them. But without the power, he's no longer scary, just pathetic. Without the power, no one needs to smile when they see him, no one needs to return his phone calls.

And what was he saying with today's speech?

"Everything I did (or took credit for) was good and perfect and kept Americans safe."

"Everything this usurping darky and his dyke bitch* is doing is going to get all of you killed so be very very afraid." (Oh he didn't SAY those words -- darky, bitch -- that contemptuous sneer said it loud and clear and everyone knows it, even though, being a facial expression and tone of voice, it gets to be deniable, something he's always been quite good at.

Every time he opens his mouth, he covers the same list of issues that he desperately doesn't want any special investigators to look at and determine for him or her self just what went on.

That's logical enough -- most of them are felonies and still within the Statute of Limitations.

"Pay no attention to the crimes committed by this man behind the curtain when he had the power."

No one ever said he wasn't smart -- just vicious and self-serving, a toady and plunderer for his power-backers at Halliburton, KGB -- uh, I mean KBR.

He kept us safe?


He didn't even read the memos.

9-11 happened while Cheney and Bush were asleep at the wheel -- 9-11 is THEIR failure.

Anyone not so hide-under-the-bed-terrified as he was by 9-11 could see that it was the solid economic strike -- it took down the airline industry and half a dozen other major ones -- there was no need for Ben Ladn's people to do it again. They hit the mother ship centers of the people who, in their view, were fucking with them -- the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The CIA people knew there really wasn't any such thing as Al Quaeda as a centralized organization. Just a label anyone with a grudge -- justifiable or not -- could adopt for his own gang. And some of those grudge-holders WERE the result of seeing what Bush and Redrum and Cheney did to Arabs and Muslims.

Ben Ladn's grudge came from -- and he said it right out loud and made it clear -- came from Poppy Bush putting a military base in Arabia. He didn't so much mind that Bush 41 faked up his own war against Saddam Hussein -- if he hadn't, Ben Ladn would have -- he DESPISED Saddam Hussein and everyone in the intelligence community knew it. No alliance possible there.

But since Cheney no longer feels a need to piss on the CIA for his own personal aggrandizement as he did when in office, now he's their best buddy -- but only on the issues where people have pointed a finger AT HIM, and now he says they're REALLY pointing a finger at the CIA operatives.

I know that politicians lie, but this was a tour de force of total insane fabrication.

It's definitely SEDITION -- and he's getting closer and closer to outright TREASON.

If he were a dog, we'd call the SPCA out of compassion to come and put him down -- put him out of his misery.


*No, not Michelle Obama -- Nancy Pelosi, the bete noir of every Repugnican politician with warped mommy issues. Maybe that's what you get from going wankywanky while thinking about a grandmother with a large bosom.


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