Well it's not ACTUALLY lying, is it? It's a clever way of wording it so you won't notice he's selling you a sack of shit right away.

Sleazy smarmy slippery ad by Repugnicans to show why it's ok they will just refuse to even discuss how to reform the healthcare system for the benefit of the people who use it as patients, but just scream "NO! NO! NO! DEVILS! DEMONS! COMMUNISTS!

This ad should be shown in ALL college courses on advertising as an example of how to get totally vicious and sleazy and amoral enough to create a totally false impression that works for your own profit -- sort of like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now telling Martin Sheen he knew we couldn't win when he saw that the VC had cut off the vaccinated arms of babies and thrown them into a big pile in the center of town, and that pile of babies arms showed him that we couldn't win because none of us had the stomach to do something that hideously vile... same with this commercial.:

Some man who claims to have been a doctor is seen in low-production-value head shot (as if it were a home-made video) and he says -- (watch the number of "I didn't actually say that" phrases -- Not a verbatim quote here but close enough to show the shell game going on)

"SOME Republicans have
that the government runs health care...
so that BUREAUCRATS decide what treatment you're allowed to have ..."

And then some crap about how he was a doctor and that would be TERRIBLE.

And it's so vile, I can never remember the whole thing, even though the news is running it every half hour. The point is: he's not ACTUALLY lying, is he?

SOME OF US -- well not ME, but SOME Republicans
have said they've READ ABOUT how SOME Democrats --
well not the ones you know but SOME of them, the evil ones OTHER DEMOCRATS vote for ---
MIGHT FAVOR health care reform run by the government (meaning they might actually ask, in meetings "What's wrong with government single-payer, like Medicare?)
and that MIGHT MEAN, a system in which BUREAUCRATS (AIYEE!) can do to YOU what the insurance companies do right now, i.e., deny you the care your doctors want you to have but for political reasons instead of profit-margin ones (possibly because your doctor ALREADY KNOWS not to prescribe certain things because "Well, it might cure you but your health plan won't pay for it.")

This is in line with (possibly done by the same ad agency) the "As you get older, your legs MIGHT feel heavy and tired, AND IF your legs are tired it MIGHT mean you have blood clotting from P.A.D and IF you have P.A.D it MIGHT MEAN you MIGHT have a heart attack and SO get your doctor to buy our medicine to treat the thing YOU MIGHT HAVE (P.A.D.) because

One really good thing about Mao's China was that people who wrote things like that ad could be executed. Or sent to re-education camps at the very least.

(The other good thing was unifying the language via television.)


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