The election's over and the business of cleaning out the Bush-Cheney Augean Stables of filth, rot, plunder, payoffs, corruption and destruction is underway.

The Repugnants's business also goes on -- that of sedition and undercutting the attempt to fix things because THEY aren't doing it. They seem to forget what got us here.

I actually watched some doofus name Hannity trying to convince Jesse Ventura that one of Bush's problems was that HE INHERITED 9-11.

And I was delighted, when he said "What could Bush have done?" and Ventura said "Well, he could have read the August 6 memo that stated exactly what Ben ladn was planning. (Also pleased that he mentioned the rarely-heard point that, before Bush's daddy -- and daddy's friends -- bought him a job as Governor and then President, W's business failure was bailed out by Ben ladn's brother)

Other than that, I've lost my taste for watching even the people who share my point of view.

And I think back over my life to see if there's any wisdom I can recall that will help in this situation (the old "why didn't someone tell me about this? followed by "Oh, yeah, someone did...") and I remember an old friend nailing all this stuff dead center...

He said:


Dave Klemp is the friend and philosopher who summed this up one or two times ago when the same thing happened.

Hey Dave -- your insight and wisdom still echoes and rings true.


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