The Good that Dick Cheney Does

Well, it's a reach, but he seems to be -- in one way -- having a positive effect on health in the USA, combating obesity with what I like to call The Bulemic Effect --

Every time people see his sneering mask on TV, they feel like throwing up.

And whether it's the taste of vomit in the throat or actual chunder, it all goes to getting that weight down.

Other than that, he's not doing anything but committing sedition, and spewing hate and venom and slime (all of which affect the appetite.)

Still his effect on improving public health is just as notable as, say, Hitler's effect on making public anti-semitism as strict taboo for many years (aside from developing the Volkswagen).

So thanks for helping me -- along with millions of others, Dick, to shed those extra pounds that crept up on us during HBO specials -- just thinking about you makes me decide to skip lunch.


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