Oh one more thing about the current rewriting of history...

A weird asshole named Hannity, another one named Cheney, and many others are pointing to Clinton as the one who got us attacked, that "he had opportunities to get Ben Ladn but he did nothing."

Some of us DON'T have impaired memory -- every time Bill Clinton tried to get people to focus on Ben ladn and terrorism the Rupugnants screamed like the Pod People, pointing their fingers and saying "WAGGING THE DOG! HE'S TRYING TO MAKE US FORGET MONICA!" (I always found it amusing that the Repugnicans spent a lot more time getting off on Monica than the President ever did.)

That's aside from the Hart-Rudman Report/Analysis of how to deal with imminent terrorism Clinton ordered, and which they spent several years putting together talking with every anti-terrorism outfit in the world, the one that congress was enthusiastically reviewing until Monkey Boy came in and pulled it, saying "I'll have Cheney look it over."


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